Grey Bathroom Ideas

Grey bathroom ideas are now having quiet much followers from time to time. The simplicity and beauty it brings relax you after daily activity. Some people might think that this idea will seem boring as the main colour will be grey. However, if you have not seen in then do not judge it. The perfect combination between grey and another colour in the bathroom will actually give you shiver. Let’s learn how to come up with this fresh bathroom idea.

Some Of Grey Bathroom Ideas To Give A try

First thing is for minimalist house, you are going to need smart placing strategy. It is highly recommended to place bathroom sink, bathtub, and water closet in the same line. You can save up some space by doing that step. The space left can be used to put a shower. Surely the more space left, the bigger place to shower you has. You can also put a mirror or some decorations such as syntethic flower.

Another idea for grey bathroom is to place bathtub and shower on the same line. Surely it is seperated by wall. In front of bathtub, you can place bathroom sink or water closet. This idea will consume bigger place but it gives you room to move. You can also put a small window up near. Do not forget about colour gradation as well. As you know that ceramic is not cheap, you might put grey ceramics only half way on the bathroom. Leave the rest in white uncovered by ceramics. If you still have some money left, you can make your grey bathroom more beautiful by adding brick coloured ceramic for shower floor.

Last but not least, do not be afraid to play with colour. If you do not really like the idea of having wall covered by ceramics, you can use another material such as ledgestone. In the other hand, the advantages of having grey bathroom is it does not easily look dirty.

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