White Bathroom Mirror

White bathroom mirror is a usual stuff to find in bathroom. Why must be white? There was a history back then. Since people believe that white represents purity, after get yourself washed and clean, take a look in the white mirror will keep you pure for the rest day. White mirror also means even if the reflection you see is flawless, you have to keep in mind that you are still human and no need to be arrogant. White was meant to make you remind pure. Now that you know about the history, would you like to get white bathroom mirror. There are some variations of this mirror.

Gets White Bathroom Mirror Based On Your Need

White bathroom mirror surely has framed on. For only frame, there are plenty variation. There are frames with complex carving or just simple one. There is no doubt that the carved one must be more expensive because it takes time to finish. The simple one is not bad either because it does not have lack function. You must consider which one you like. If you like the carved one, do you think it is necessary? However, if the price is too high there is nothing wrong to get the simple one.

Secondly, you have to consider the size. For rectangular, do you prefer the long one or the wide one? Commonly bathroom mirror available in 3 sizes which are 13 cm x 27 cm, 38 cm x 68 cm, 30 cm x 42 cm. Of course it has different price depending on the size. For 13 cm x 27 cm, usually it costs around 16 USD. And for 38 cm x 68 cm it costs 100 USD. The last is for 30 x 42 cm it costs 35 USD. The middle one costs the most because it is the perfect size.

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